'Qualification is just one aspect of your international experience, it is the metaphysical intrinsic facets of your personality which undergo a paradigm shift that ultimately play a pivotal role in defining your future'

Mohit Gambir
MBA London, B.Com
Advising . Consulting . Marketing . Outsourcing

The Service

International student recruitment is a highly complex process and different strategies have to be adopted for different target markets. What might be a viable strategy for a particular Country might not work at all for another as is often learnt by institutions through the process of trail and error. Institutions end up spending huge sums of money in developing international markets...

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About GKF

The Global Knowledge Foundation (GKF) is a professional consultancy firm that provides expertise and hands-on support to institutions worldwide that are looking to develop a structured international strategy, to recruit and successfully host international students, build international partnerships, set up overseas delivery centers and build a highly visible international brand.

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