At GKF, we have designed different packages to ensure a robust International Recruitment operation. The packages we offer are as follows:

  1. Silver – The silver package is offered in the form of a detailed project report with an in-depth analysis and review of the current processes and recruitment strategies.
    1. Timescale: Upon receipt of the relevant data, inputs and information, the project report will be complied and delivered within a maximum period of 4 weeks.
    2. Professional Fee: Quotations are available on request.
  2. Gold – The Gold package includes a detailed project as offered in the Silver package above and in addition one of our experienced consultants will hand-hold and support the implementation process in-house.
    1. Timescale: To be completed within 24 weeks (on the basis of a 1 day visit per week to the institution).
    2. Professional Fee: Quotations are available on request.
  3. Platinum – The platinum package consists of the complete operational set-up cum international recruitment solutions inbuilt with the GKF Assurance.
    1. Timescale: To be completed within 52 weeks (on the basis of a 1 day visit per week to the institution for a period of the first 24 weeks and thereafter as per need basis).
    2. Professional Fee: Quotations are available on request.
Silver Gold Platinum
In-depth study of the current operations
Gap analysis (Current practices vis-à-vis the envisioned result)
Global positioning & image building
Creating a structured recruitment roadmap
Market specific recruitment strategies
Staff training & development  
Process flowchart & task allocation  
Marketing collateral review  
Building the Marketing variables  
Organising seminars in target markets    
Organising agent training webinars    
Organising recruitment fairs and agent visits    
Building agent loyalty & commitment    
Organising spot admission and counseling sessions    
Liaison with the respective Embassies to build relations and increase institutional visibility    
Managing social media & future business flow    
Developing overseas institutional links, student & faculty exchange programmes    
New market penetration strategies    
GKF assurance    

Tailored solutions:

Depending on any specific requirements you might have, other than or inclusive of the three packages designed by us, we can offer your suitable tailor made packages and solutions. Once you provide us with full specifications and outline of your requirements, we will provide you with the best suitable quotation and the time-scale within which the specific project would be executed.

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